Campground Owners of New York (CONY) will hold its 56th Annual Exposition for the Outdoor Hospitality Industry and Trade Show Oct. 28-30, 2019 at the Turning Stone Resort in Verona, N.Y., according to officials from CONY. 

CONY’s Expo is a multiday event providing educational opportunities to campground owners and operators and creates networking opportunities between them and the vendors that supply products and services to the outdoor hospitality industry.

Vendors will be provided with a 10-foot-by-10-foot exhibit space with skirted table, two chairs, access to wireless Internet, a listing in the expo program, and lunch tickets for exhibit days.

Vendor packages start at $495.

Exposition sponsorships by businesses desiring additional exposure during the conference start at $250, in addition to exhibitor fees. Businesses not able to attend, but interested in having a presence are invited to consider a sponsorship of this event.

Vendors who have attended in the past should be alerted to two important changes for 2019 — on-site location of the trade show, and days of the week for the event. The exposition is now in the downstairs conference center (and not the larger event center). The trade show days now fall on a Tuesday and Wednesday (versus Friday and Saturday in recent years).

According to Suzanne Bixby, CONY’s vice president of marketing and public relations, these changes will keep the exposition fresh and interesting.

“We’re in the same facility, centrally located in New York state, but we believe relocating to Turning Stone’s Conference Center will put a bit more ‘buzz in the biz’ for the trade show,” she said. “We also believe changing the days of the week and the dates of the event will help ease the travel burdens for companies attending multiple trade shows this season.”

CONY is planning activities and incentives to further encourage shopping at the trade show. The October 29th trade show will include an afternoon coffee service sponsored by Shades Under the Sun, Inc., and wrap up with a wine reception featuring a cheese table sponsored by Astra Campground Reservation Software. Both trade show days will include shopping incentive drawings. Campground owners present and winning one of several CONY-sponsored trade show vouchers (ranging from $250-$500 in value) can use them to shop and boost the revenue for some vendors.

CONY is currently seeking a sponsor for the Tuesday trade show wine reception, and Wednesday trade show continental breakfast/coffee service, plus vendors for trade show. Vendors and campground operators from other states are always invited and welcomed to take part in most every facet of the CONY expo, from seminars and information sessions to social gatherings.

Additional information about CONY’s Exposition for the Outdoor Hospitality and Trade Show, including schedule, pricing, registration forms, and hotel information, is online at www.campcony.com/cony-exposition, or contact CONY at (585) 586-4360 and info@nycampgrounds.com.

Also new this year – CONY is providing an online registration option for both vendors and attendees.