For the past 15 years or more the Vermont Campground Association (VCA) has had its campground guidebook entirely produced by someone else, but that is about to change.

At the Northeast Campground Association annual meeting in March, VCA representatives quickly approved VCA Executive Director Peter Daniels’ proposal to do the guidebook himself.

“ I will sell the ads and then we will contract out the production,” Daniels told Woodall’s Campground Management. “It didn’t take us too long to approve the proposal. We are now in the process of producing our own guide and gaining the income.”

Producing their own guide means more income for VCA, which has concerns of losing membership income from state parks.

Daniels said it depends on legislation, but as state parks may be facing more budget cuts, VCA is concerned parks will drop memberships.

“We want to work out a way for them to still be partners with us, but we haven’t worked out a full solution yet. In general we want to help our members more than we have in the past.”

By generating income from its own guidebook VCA hopes to do just that.

Vermont’s Spring meeting will be held April 20 at the State Park’s Conference Center in Waterbury, Vt.