A site about 2 acres smaller than the legal minimum was rejected for an RV park by the Vicksburg (Miss.) Zoning Board of Appeals Tuesday (Feb. 3).
Brothers Billy and Mike Patton proposed their 7.85 acre site for development, but the board declined to vary from the 10-acre minimum, according to the Vicksburg Post.
The board encouraged the Pattons to attempt to purchase adjoining land. “If you get the 10 acres, you have my vote,” said board member Tommie Rawlings, who added it would not be fair to a neighboring RV park if the board allowed the reduced size. The property is next to the 100-site Rivertown Campground and sits across from the Vicksburg Municipal Airport.
Billy Patton said he had hoped to open the 62-space RV park by April and said he would have to look into the feasibility of purchasing adjoining property. He added he was not sure if the adjoining RV and used car sales lot would go ahead as approved.
“We were really hoping to get approval for the RV park” and have the sales lot as a supplemental business, he said.
Zoning Administrator Dalton McCarty said the 10-acre requirement was created in 1996 to ensure parks would have ample green space, as well as amenities such as laundry and restroom facilities.