How Canada/U.S. Border Closure Has Impacted Parks
Joining us on this week's WCM Fireside Chat was Valerie Boone-Austin, owner of Hyclass Ocean Campground; Amir Harpaz, a Florida Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds board member and owner of multiple parks, including Cypress Trail RV Resort; and Mandi Cote, general manager of Old Orchard Beach Campground.
Campground Accounting–Family Transitions
Campground Accounting talks a moment about family transitions. If you were in a situation where you hope to have family members take over your campground, at some point in the future, you to make sure you've got some good planning in place.
Virtual Glamping Show USA Oct. 13-15
Learn more about the Virtual Glamping Show USA in this video with Mark Koep, CEO of CampgroundViews.com and David Korse, owner of Glamping Show USA.
WCM Fireside Chats: Is COVID Impacting Developments?
Jayne Cohen and David Gorin, both from Gorin+Cohen, a consulting group focused on the outdoor hospitality segment, joined WCM Fireside Chats to discuss campground developments.
WCM Fireside Chat: Are You Liable if Someone Gets Sick at Your Park?
Christine Taylor, a lawyer with Towne, Ryan & Partners, P.C., joined us to talk about a variety of legal issues impacting the RV park and campground sectors.
WCM Fireside Chats: How Is COVID Impacting RV Travel?
We spoke with Jason Epperson, co-founder of the RV Miles podcast, among other podcasts, and John Talbott, a current work camper, about challenges traveling during the COVID crisis.