EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the sixth installment in the series profiling prominent RV influencers and content creators. The purpose of this series is to better understand what they do and their role in today’s marketing environment. All influencers use social media tools — Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, web blogs and YouTube. among others — to tell their stories. However, the most effective influencers communicate authentically, earning credibility and trust. When we asked Joe and Kait Russo what made them different from other influencers, Kait replied, “We’re the Russos.” They’ve been telling their story since 2015.


For Joe and Kait Russo, it all began seven years ago as they sought to escape the SoCal crowds and corporate grind. Wandering in an RV throughout the United States seemed like a much-needed break from their advertising and digital marketing careers. Let’s take a year off, they said, get away, explore, then come back refreshed and recharged.

But what started as a one-year vacation ultimately turned into a successful career. The Russos fell in love with the lifestyle and found a way to monetize their travels. Today, seven years later, they’re living their RV dream full time. In 2015, working from the road was much less common than today. However, the Russos are still doing it with incredible panache, not to mention five different RV types they have lived in over the years.

How they started

“Once we hit the road, we fell in love with the freedom and flexibility this lifestyle offers,” explained Kait Russo.”And we decided that we wanted to share resources with others who might be looking to make the switch.” So, as newbies, the couple’s first set of videos was created at the Tampa SuperShow in 2016. Although the Russos’ videography and storytelling have evolved since then, the formula largely remains the same — deliver a straightforward, honest recounting of what they see. This includes popular RV walkthroughs, travel adventures (and misadventures), and reviews of products and services they use. According to Kait, “Our goal is to share our experiences and information with the audience, rather than recommend what you should or should not buy.” The original 2016 Tampa Super Show l video can be seen here.

Two Books

In addition to their popular blog and YouTube channel, the Russos have published two books. The first is, “Take Risks: One Couple’s Journey to Quit Their Jobs and Hit the Open Road” and was penned in response to the many questions the couple were asked early on. The second book is “Tales from the Open Road: The Adventures and Misadventures of RV Living“. The books can be purchased through Amazon.

“I had never written a book before,” commented Joe. “So initially, I thought the book might be interesting to our closer followers. But the book went on a run, and I’ve gotten a lot of emails and notes from people, and I’ve met people in person, too, who have read the book and use it as a guide to starting their own lives on the road. So, that’s pretty cool.”

Five Different RVs

Something else that makes the Russos’ adventures appealing and attracts a broader audience is their choice of RVs. They’ve run the gamut from a Class A gas motorhome pulling a Jeep toad to a DIY camper van build. Along the way, they have owned or lived in a Class B on a ProMaster chassis, a 4×4 adventure van, and currently a 4×4 pop-up tent camper on a Ford F350 flatbed truck.

Their experience living in various RVs, the Russos believe, offer a unique perspective. “What we hear is that people find our videos helpful because we have used the products and we know how things work,” said Joe. “As a result, our followers feel they are getting a much more informed video than from someone who  just takes a camera and starts showing you the unit.” You can see all five of the Russo’s RVs here.

Take Mom Camping

Joe and Kait have embraced off-grid camping and feel that RVs designed for boondocking are a growing part of the market. Since they started RVing in 2015, three of the five RVs they have used were van-sized and 4×4 equipped.

Recently they put their small-space inclination to the test when Joe’s mom joined them for a 10-week cross-country road trip. Imagine Joe, Kait, Mama Russo, and their dog Charlie, nestled in a Storyteller Overland Beast MODE Class B camper van with 100 square feet of living space. The adventure made for some great stories and a fantastic video. View the Summer with Mom Camper Van Road Trip here.