Camp California Marketing, an arm of the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC), is working on a partnership to share rich content of its member parks with a socially active online audience.

Bob and Pamela Hamilton, who have years of radio, Internet and video/multimedia production experience, are pooling that knowledge in production of a documentary titled “RVing the California Coast.”

Here’s what the Hamiltons have to say about their venture, as reported in the current issue of “Wednesday Morning Coffee Talk & Updates” published today.

“RV Dream New Radio is spending the rest of this summer touring the northern California coast. We are visiting RV Parks and while there will ‘spotlight’ the park with video tours of the resort, interviews with the managers and other key staff as well as the RVers who are staying there. Additionally, we are filming local attractions, historical sites, golf courses, restaurants, etc to give the RV Dream audience a complete picture of the park and the area. Our concentration is on producing a documentary titled “RVing the California Coast” This will be a three DVD set;, northern, central and southern California coast. We have finished almost all of the shooting on the central coast (Santa Maria to San Jose) and have begun our work at the Oregon line and will be moving south in the coming weeks. Our “Spotlight” RV Parks will be featured on the DVD as well.

“While we are visiting your park we are happy to share what we have learned about how to use social media, including video, to market products, especially RV parks and how you can use the Internet overall to bring more customers into your park.Besides spotlighting you on the air while we are there, we will set up a special, permanent “social network platformed” page for you on RV Dream New Radio, complete with your own video channel that will not only contain the videos we have shot while we are there, but will give you the ability to add your own videos in the future. This video channel is housed on one of the top 50 content delivery networks in the world and is the finest quality available on the Internet today.

“There is no charge for what we do other than our stay with you and hopefully, your friendship and support.”

CalARVC concluded, “RV Dream New Radio is an exciting new idea for and about RVers and RVing. RV Dream is a 24/7 “new radio” station in that it is both audio and video and it is both streaming and interactive. Check out footage of their stay at Kamp Klamath and coverage of the whales that have been in the river since the beginning of July.”

For more information contact Bob Hamilton by e-mail, ham@rvdream.com, or call (626) 817-2346