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Campground Accounting: Managing Your Time

Make sure you are using your time wisely. Review the tasks that you do to make sure you are able to delegate jobs that you shouldn’t be doing and make sure that the high-level tasks that affect the value of your business get the time they deserve.

Brian Searl & PCOA’s Jason Vaughan

PCOA’s Jason Vaughan gives Brian Searl, from Insider Perks, an update on how he is preparing to take over as executive director at the end of 2020 and a look at how PCOA’s recent conference fared.

Water Wars President Tommy Woog

Tommy Woog, president of Pequot Lakes, Minn.-based Water Wars, a 30-year old company that sells equipment for Water Wars, a popular water balloon war game, was one of just over 100 vendors who attended Leisure Systems Inc.’s trade show.

Morris Costumes at LSI’s 2019 Trade Show

Sean Morris of Morris Costumes spoke with WOODALLSCM.com about some of his company’s animatronic Halloween characters, which he presented for the first time at LSI’s 2019 Trade Show in North Charleston, S.C.

campersApp Launches AR Capability

Captured at ARVC’s OHCE 2019, this video shows a demonstration of the CampersAPP AR experience and demonstrates ways that this tech can be used now to improve the camper experience.