Many RVs at Riverview Campground in Giles County, Va., took damage after a flood swept through on Friday (Oct. 12).

When the New River flooded on Friday (Oct. 12), all of the residents at Riverview Campground in Giles County, Va., were taken by surprise, according to WDBJ7.

However, the surprises kept coming as the water receded and many of them realized that their property wasn’t where they left it. In fact, one camper with a porch overlooking the river was completely knocked of its foundation and swept several yards away.

When Tim Kidd saw the water around his camper, he only had one way to describe it.

“Shock,” Kidd said. “We have never seen it up this high. I mean, we’ve seen it down at the bottom, but we’ve never seen it this high. Just shock.”

Melissa Trivett has another word for the damage she’s seen.

“Destroyed. I mean the only word I can really use is destroyed,” she explained.

Trivett took WDBJ7 on a tour of the campground, pointing out the RVs that are beyond repair.

“This one, where it sat so low, you can see the crookedness,” Trivett noted. “That porch was not like that. It’s going to be a total loss.”

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