Rush No More RV Resort and Campground.

It’s typical to see campgrounds full of people during the heart of tourism season, but this year has been far from normal, and visitors are still heading to the campgrounds and exploring the Black Hills of South Dakota, according to KOTA.

“It’s been a very strange year as far as campers. I think that between having the virus, South Dakota being an open state, and a lot of children being homeschooled right now, because they can’t go to school or their parents don’t want to put them in school with a bunch of other kids. So, we’ve had a lot of people here with their children, which is really rare for this late,” said the owner of Rush No More RV Resort and Campground Edward Miller.

Miller says reservations are still coming in, and it’s something he wasn’t expecting.

“We’re open all year, so we’re happy to get reservations. The crisis we’re having right now with COVID seems to have made outdoor activities more popular than ever and we’re happy that includes us,” said Miller.

Since South Dakota is open for business and provides ample space to social distance, it’s become a tourist destination for some people.

“We feel very comfortable here, and we don’t feel judged because we do wear our masks when we’re out in public, and others choose not to, and that’s fine. But there’s just so much to do here and so much to see,” said Scott Hakomaki, from Oregon.

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