Kayakers from across Puget Sound gathered at Blake Island State Park on March 22 to restore one of the few marine campgrounds left in Kitsap County, Wash., the Kitsap Sun reported.

About two dozen volunteers picked up trash, raked tent sites and planted hundreds of dune grass sprouts along a sandy, driftwood-strewn point that serves as an overnight rest stop for boaters who arrive in beachable wind- or human-powered craft.

“This isn’t like Alaska, where you can go anywhere to take a break,” said Ruben Cash, a kayaker from Skagit County. “This is a pretty densely-populated area, so having (Blake Island) is really important for us.”

A group of Kitsap Mountaineers kayaked from Southworth to participate in the work party. A Tacoma couple and a kayaker from Kent paddled in from Manchester. The rest — most of whom live on the east side of the sound — were brought over in a Washington State Parks powerboat.

Recent storms washed away dune grass and made a mess of the campground’s three tent sites.

Jim Abair, of Olalla, paddled out with the Mountaineers and spent much of the day picking up bits of Styrofoam, plastic bottles and other trash.

“The politicians aren’t going to do this, and they’re not going to hire enough people to do it,” he said. “If we let this go too long, we’re going to have to be out here with a dump truck.”

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