The Raleigh County (W.Va.) Parks and Recreation Department is already making plans for the 2020 lake season at Lake Stephens, according to The Register-Herald.

Molly Williams, director of Parks and Recreation, reported during the staff meeting that she is making plans to place a concession stand in the county’s RV park. Renovations, including an electrical line placement, are already being made in several parts of the lake now by Cook’s Excavating, a Wyoming County contracting company that was awarded a bid last month to install an electrical line for park upgrades at the lake.

“Now would be a perfect time to make those arrangements,” said Williams.

Steve Davis, the Raleigh Regional Jail Liaison, is also a professional engineer who assists with county projects. Davis presented Commissioners with drawings that showed plans for underground electrical upgrades to the campground. He said more electricity is necessary because modern-day campers have features that require more electrical output.

“They’re starting to put every luxury item in a camper,” said Davis.

He reported that Appalachian Power crews have told him that they will add a power line underground if the county will dig a trench and lay a conduit, via the contractor.

Davis said he is waiting on price quotes from the power company and from Cook’s Excavating and that he will then know the cost of that phase of the project.

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