There won’t be a campground along South Buffalo Street in Warsaw, Ind., the Board of Zoning Appeals decided Monday night, according to a report by the Times Union.

Norman Hoyt petitioned the BZA for a use variance to allow a campground in a Commercial-2 zoning district at 802 S. Buffalo St., Warsaw. The existing land use is a commercial garage, Global Auto, and the adjoining lot is unused, according to information provided on the petition.

Assistant City Planner Jonny Latsko said campgrounds are not listed in the city’s table of permitted uses, so its status has to be determined by the BZA as outlined in the city’s code. The only existing campground in the city is Pike Lake Campground. Hoyt plans to create a campground that would have 13 campsites, laundry facilities, shower facilities and an office.

In order to be permitted, the campground would need to be in line with all state code, including ADA compliance, electrical and plumbing and any relevant state releases, Latsko said.

The neighborhood is an area characterized by the transition between residential and commercial uses, he said. To the south and west is predominantly residential, and to the north and east is predominantly commercial. The lot is visible from both residential and commercial areas.

The city received an email from Wanda Newsome, 812 S. Lake St., Warsaw, objecting to the campground being put near her neighborhood. Her email states that the place they want to put the campground is too small and very close to her neighborhood.

“We do not want the seasonal people nor the trash and smoke that would come with people camping,” she wrote. “Most neighbors are seniors and unable to deal with the constant noise and aggravation a campground would bring.”

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