Nothing is easy, not even at a place called Playland, according to The Star.

An estimated million dollars of upgrades are needed at Coulee Playland to bring it up to Americans with Disabilities Act standards, the Electric City Council learned last week.

The popular campground that includes a tackle and camping gear shop, boat launch and more has been in the process of being sold to new owners this year.

That process has been slowed as the Bureau of Reclamation reviews the new agreement between the city and the potential new owners to make sure it doesn’t contradict any terms between the city and the bureau, which leases the land to the city.

In reviewing the new agreement, the USBR found a list dating back to 2004 listing ADA deficiencies at the location.

Those 72 deficiencies will cost roughly $1 million to correct.

The USBR will match city dollars toward those repairs, over a 10-year period. In theory, if the city puts $50,000 a year toward repairs for 10 years, the bureau would match that, equaling $1 million after 10 years.

Mayor Diane Kohout said the potential new business owners, after being updated on the situation, haven’t said whether the circumstances would affect their decision to purchase it.

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