Castle Rock Landing

A map of the proposed 118-acre business park off Interstate 5’s exit 48 in Castle Rock. City of Castle Rock, Contributed


Monday (Oct. 25), the Castle Rock (Wash.) City Council made the first approval of a long list of green lights needed before a developer can build a proposed business park, with offices, retail space and multi-family housing at Interstate 5’s exit 48, according to The Daily News.

The council unanimously approved designating the proposed development a “mixed-use master plan development,” meaning the land will be used for functions outside its currently designated zone and built in planned phases over time. The vote also approved a rough plan for the site and conditions for construction.

The council is scheduled to vote again on Nov. 8 to finalize Monday’s decision. Monday’s vote did not OK any permits.


The developer aims to use the 118 acres on the peninsula surrounded by the Cowlitz River, Salmon Creek and Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway for more than the functions allowed on the land currently zoned for industrial use. Proposed plans include about 59 acres of light industrial businesses and offices; 98,000 square feet of retail space; about eight acres of multi-family housing with 200 units; and 18 acres of recreational use like a 200-unit RV park, boat launch and hiking trails.

The developer, Compass Group LLC based in Battle Ground, is the first to apply for the city’s new “mixed-use master plan development” tool after the city adopted the tool in the spring, said Castle Rock Planner Gregg Dohrn.

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