Webinar InviteCampersCard hosted a live webinar, “The Camping Industry: What’s In Store for 2023,” on Wednesday (Jan. 18) that featured a number of industry experts who discussed new ideas and tactics for campground owners/operators as they look ahead to 2023.

Joel Holland, the CEO and founder of CampersCard and Harvest Hosts; Mark Koep, the president and CEO of Campground Views Inc.; and Ben Quiggle, the editor of Woodall’s Campground Magazine, all took part in the webinar. You can watch the recording below or by clicking here. 

The webinar covered industry highlights from 2022 and trends to keep an eye on in 2023.

Some of the topics discussed included:

  • How the industry is evolving when it comes to its audience and expectations;
  • The current strengths of the industry that park owners should continue to lean into;
  • New trends that park owners are going to want to keep tabs on;
  • The biggest industry wins and challenges from the past year;
  • and much more.