Evanne Schmarder, a longtime columnist for Woodall’s Campground Management, is set to release a marketing handbook in early May, according to a press release. 

Marketing Your RV Park/Campground Online aims to help park owners and operators maximize their online marketing efforts. 

According to the release, Schmarder – a longtime industry marketer, consultant and mentor – offers practical insight for park owners/operators looking to build their online marketing program. From strategies and tactics, including calculating customer lifetime value and marketing return on investment (ROI) to identifying ideal customers and recognizing timely marketing opportunities, the book highlights a myriad of topics.

It also helps to answer important marketing quesitons, including how do guests perceive a business? What does an operation say about the brand? When is it time to measure a program’s results and what should be benchmarked?

 “Like developing and running any part of a business, online marketing requires know-how, trial and error, and measurement,” notes Schmarder. “Marketing Your RV Park/Campground Online gives readers everything they need to know about laying digital marketing groundwork and building a successful program from the foundation up.”

Designed for novices and experienced marketers alike, Marketing Your RV Park/Campground Online will be available as an e-book at all major e-book outlets, as well as in paperback.