WCM Fireside Chats Typically, winter is the time of year when many snowbirds head South — looking to escape the cold, snowy weather that many northern tier states deal with. But the current COVID crisis and the continued closure of the Canada/U.S. border has brought a mixed bag of results.

Some parks in the typically snowbird heavy states of Texas, Florida and Arizona have reported typical traffic — some have even seen sites that would normally have been taken by snowbirds filling up with other transient or full-time RVers.

Others, however, have had to contend with slower traffic and are looking at a winter that may bring less revenue and a different landscape from the traditionally amenity-heavy schedules they normally provide.

To get a better picture of what snowbird parks are facing this winter, WCM Fireside Chats has invited a number of different park owners from various states to give us a view of what they are seeing in their markets.

Join us this coming Monday (Dec. 14) at 11 a.m. (EST). WCM Fireside Chats welcomes engagement, so bring your questions and we will tackle them live on the air with our guests through Crowdcast.

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The show is co-hosted by Ben Quiggle, editor of Woodall’s Campground Management magazine and administrator of WOODALLSCM.com (WCM), a publication focused on providing relevant news and information to RV park and campground owners; Brian Searl, CEO of Insider Perks, a marketing firm that is focused on serving the outdoor hospitality industry; and Cara Braeutigam, from the Canadian Camping and RV Council. Braeutigam shares her perspective on the Canadian outdoor hospitality industry, along with trends and insights.