WCM's Park Update WCM’s Park Update, sponsored by Book Outdoors, chats with Tim Rout, founder of AccessParks, and takes a look at how the company continues to grow since its inception in 2016. From a military career to advancements in broadband technology, Rout shares why he created AccessParks and how the company aims to help campers get better connectivity as they camp.

Rout also explores what is coming down the pipeline when it comes to Wi-Fi technology, why campgrounds and RV parks offer unique challenges when it comes to delivering Wi-Fi and more.

The show airs every Tuesday. 

You can watch the show on WCM’s Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn pages. The show is also distributed as a podcast and can be listened to on AppleSpotify and Google Podcasts.

WCM’s Park Update is hosted by Ben Quiggle, editor of Woodall’s Campground Magazine, and Mike Gast, former vice president of communications at Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA).

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