It’s been difficult for people to enjoy the great outdoors this summer because of the severe weather that has hit the area of Brandon, S.D., television station KELO reported.

It’s hurt the weekend numbers for one area campground.

Overall, the Sioux Falls Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resort is having a solid summer, but Mother Nature has kept campers away during its peak times.

“The weekends have been just a little bit short but overall we’re up for the year, so we’re good if weather gets good and starts staying good on weekends, and get the rain on Monday, Tuesday instead of Friday, Saturday and we’ll be in great shape,” owner Bruce Aljets said.

Aljets said some campers will cancel their reservations if they see severe weather in the forecast, but weather doesn’t always deter campers. During Father’s Day Weekend, the camp was full despite heavy rainfall.

“We have some campers that are fair weather campers. They want the nice weather, but the majority of the campers, they’re coming, they’re going to have a good time. Some of them planned for a long time and they’re going to come no matter what,” Aljets said.

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