Nearly 800 motorhomes converged at the Riverside County Fairgrounds in Indio, Calif., on Saturday (Jan. 12), creating a temporary metropolis where RV enthusiasts hung out, ate and enjoyed entertainment.

As reported by the Desert Sun, the annual event, which ended Sunday, was organized by the Western Motor Home Association, which is part of the Family Motor Coach Association (FRVTA), a group that organizes social activities for RV owners. Saturday’s event was part of the the 31st annual Western Area rally, which brings hundreds to Indio every year.

Lon Cross, president of the Western Motor Home Association and an RV owner since 1981, said the rally lasting nearly a week also includes bingo, seminars and entertainment. There’s also opportunities for owners to get their motorhomes serviced.

“For me, It’s about the people,” Cross said. “It’s about meeting the people and the camaraderie that you get from seeing people over the number of years.”

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