Septic Pumping - White House, TN - Allgood Sewer & Septic Tank ServiceThe White House (Tenn.) Board of Mayor and Alderman recently approved the first reading of an ordinance which would amend a zoning ordinance for development standards for campgrounds, according to The Connection.

The ordinance, written up by White House Planning and Codes Director Ceagus Clark, arose after an individual approached the city for a proposal to build an RV park and campground on a piece of property located on Union Road on the west side of the city.

“We were approached with just a general conversation of what they would like to do,” Clark said. “That’s what got me researching and realizing that we needed to put something in place, and so I looked around surrounding cities and compiled the ordinance before you.”

In the current zoning ordinance, White House has a permitted use called Commercial Amusement Services. However, there is not anything within that that governs what specific commercial service would be permitted or definitions that govern the extent they could be used.

According to Clark, current standards are pretty stringent with what any developer and owner would have to apply to, including how long a camper could be on a campground. They would also have to adhere to the city’s commercial design standards.

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