Nestled along the Mexican border, right along U.S. Highway 83 about three hours south of San Antonio, sits Trophy Gardens — the winter home away from home for several Miami County, Mo., residents and others from across the country and Canada, the Louisburg Herald reported.

Some call them “snowbirds,” while others call them “Winter Texans,” but regardless of their name, Larry and Patti McGee and the other dozen or so people from Miami County who head to south Texas each winter share a common goal: Trading cold weather for warm temperatures and enjoying the amenities of a retirement community.

“It’s like a small city,” Larry said of the RV resort, which features more than 700 lots that people can rent and use to temporarily house their recreational vehicle or mobile home.

When the McGees first started going to the resort 14 years ago, they never imagined that they would meet up with so many others from Miami County. But they soon realized that many of their Miami County neighbors shared their desire to head south for the winter, although some of them visited different RV park resorts in the same Rio Grande Valley.

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