Brownsville (Texas) Fire Department Lt. Javier Qurioga delivered what he hopes will be a life-saving message Friday afternoon (Feb. 20) at Paul’s RV Park in Brownsville, the Brownsville Herald reported.

More than 80 people filled the recreation room at the RV park, eager to learn how to properly use the park’s recently acquired defibrillator.

As a survivor of two heart attacks, park resident Philip Deering said that he saw the need for a defibrillator at the park because the park has lost at least one person a year due to a cardiac emergencies in the 16 years he’s lived there.

“Maybe we will have to use it,” Deering said. “I hope we don’t, but maybe by having it here we can save a life.”

Deering began fundraising to purchase an automatic external defibrillator (AED) for the park last April, he said. By November, with the help of other park residents, Deering was ready to purchase the $1,100 device, but it was back-ordered and didn’t arrive until this month.

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