Upon reflection, Rick Lowe thinks Weaver’s Campground in Pelican Lake, Wisc., weathered the storm, according to NBC 12. 

“All in all, we were very fortunate, everything else can be repaired and replaced but lives and limbs are a difficult thing and we did not have any of those issues,” said Rick.

The severe weather hit southeast Oneida County, including the town of Pelican Lake, more than a month ago.

“As the storm came in I was funneling people into the basement,” said Rick.

Five campers were totaled. The Lowes had to close shop for two weeks and Rick and his wife, Wendy, haven’t stopped cleaning up debris.

“We’ve come a long way but there’s still a long way to go,” said Wendy. “When we close down for the season that’s when we’ll come in and do all the actual repairs on all the buildings that were damaged.”

Rick is still working with the insurance company on coverage. He’s unsure what the damage will be to his bank account.

“[I] don’t know where we’re at yet,” said Rick. “We’re a small mom and pop business.”

Rick knows the whole community of Pelican Lake is depending on him to keep Weaver’s Campground fully operational. The loss of his business during the summer hit others as well.

“Not having these customers effects every restaurant, bar, and gas station in the area,” said Rick. “Recreation to the Northwoods is our lifeblood.”

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