Ten days after Blizzard Evelyn dumped more than two feet of snow on northeast Wisconsin the affects continue, according to FOX 11.

In Brown County, some outdoor activities are being delayed.

Dressed in a heavy sweater and snow pants, Myra De Grave is getting ready to hit the trail.

“I need to be warm when I ride. Because you’re riding in the wind, you make a little wind when you ride,” said Myra De Grave, of Green Bay.

De Grave visits Bay Shore County Park as much as she can, but a sign blocking the road to the campground, reading “keep out, ” says it all.

“The snow is melting, but it’s still taking some time. It’s just they had a lot of clean up. They’re doing a lot of improvements on the campgrounds from last year, they’re kind of wrapping up. So it’s just pushed all those kind of work events back,” said Jason Petrella, Brown County Parks Department program and natural resource coordinator.

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