The Deer Trail Park Campground on County Road Z in Nekoosa, Wis., is in ruins after being hit by a tornado Sunday evening (May 22).

Ten people were at the campground when the storm came through, but everyone got to safe shelter in time, WSAW-TV, Wausau, reported.

Dozens of expensive campers are smashed, hundreds of trees are split in half or uprooted, and a business owner’s livelihood is in question.

The campground is hardly recognizable.

Bill and Jan McGinley first began camping there as a married couple in 1965. Their 39-foot Wildwood camper, which was finally set up just how they liked it, is totaled.

“This is our summer home, we loved it, our grand kids loved it so we’ll just see what’s gonna happen now,” Jan McGinley said.

Down the way from the McGinleys, Karen Schmoll’s family spent Monday cleaning up her permanent site on the campground.

“It’s a dangerous place to be because there’s so many trees yet hanging that could come down so we have to be careful when working,” Schmoll said, who also says she will continue to support Deer Trail.

All the work, won’t stop anytime soon.

Though the Memorial Day weekend will be spent cleaning up rather than just enjoying the holiday, the Deer Trail Park Campground will be open for business for the season.