It’s quiet at Wisconsin’s Straight Lake. The kind of nobody-else-is-here quiet you don’t usually find at a state park in Wisconsin.

For that kind of solitude on a summer weekend in Wisconsin, you usually have to go deep into national or state forest land, according to a Journal Sentinel report.

“There are times I’m up there and I don’t see another soul,” said Matt Densow, the ranger and assistant property manager for Straight Lake. “You definitely feel like you’re out there in the wilderness.”

A few factors contribute to the serenity. As one of Wisconsin’s newest state parks — the Department of Natural Resources purchased the land from the Brunkow Hardwoods Corp. in 2005 — it’s not as well known as its older siblings.

Located about 70 miles northwest of Eau Claire, it’s not exactly easy to get to, especially from the Milwaukee area.

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