Woodall Publications Corp. has announced the top-rated, privately owned RV parks and campgrounds in North America through its 5W/5W rating system. Of the 8,000 privately owned parks listed in its 2011 North American Campground Directory, 333 parks earned the highest and most coveted designation in the Woodall’s rating system, according to a news release.

The rating system allows RVers and campers to search and find the top-rated 5W RV parks and campgrounds that meet their travel needs. Campers can identify parks by their 1W to 5W ratings for both park facilities and recreation. The more W’s in a rating reflect the presence of more developments and facilities available at the park. Further, the maintenance of the campground heavily weighs in all park 5W ratings.

Woodall’s field teams conduct on-site inspections of campgrounds in the U.S. and Canada, as listed in the directory each year. The final ratings are a composite of several different areas of interest, including a park’s physical grounds, restrooms, site and road developments, surrounding recreation and superior maintenance of its facilities.

“Privately owned campgrounds and RV parks covet the 5W Woodall’s rating, valuing it as the industry’s long running standard and most respected rating system,” said Joe Daquino, senior vice president and publisher, Affinity Group Inc.’s (AGI) Affinity Media division, the parent company for Woodall’s Publications. “We are very proud of the 333 campgrounds that have achieved a 5W rating for 2011.”

Campers and RVers in a recent survey identified reasons behind buying a Woodall’s directory including the Woodall’s rating system and the comprehensive and accurate information featured in the travel tool. Prior to the 2011 directory going to press, Woodall’s Facebook fans received a sneak peek of the 5W/5W parks for 2011.

For a look at the complete list click here.

The 2011 Woodall’s North American Campground Directory is now available at bookstores, RV dealers, Camping World stores and online. To purchase or receive more information on Woodall’s and its publications, call (800) 323-9076 or visit www.woodalls.com.

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