Workamper News Editor’s note: This story was written by Workamper News. Since 1987, Workamper News has been helping businesses all around the U.S. find people for their jobs. 

You may have heard about the 80/20 rule.  It applies to so many situations in life.  With respect to the hiring of staff, if you reflect back you can most likely attest that 80% of your problems came from 20% of your staff. The key that many employers have learned is that the more time you put into the hiring process, the more opportunity you have to reduce the chances of hiring that 20% that will create 80% of your problems.

So, Employer Sam and Employer George complete their hiring for the coming season.  They each fill their five positions.

Sam spent 10 minutes on the phone with each work camper and offered them the job. One couple he didn’t even talk to, just looked at their resume and offered them a job. He wrote the name of the first hire on the line for position one, with little thought given to the person or the position. He filled the hole. The same was true for the remaining four.

George on the other hand spent adequate communication time with each applicant he felt had potential. He had at least two different conversations with the applicants and checked their references before making an employment offer.

George took time to get to know the applicant and to develop a sense of their personality. This information allowed him to visualize this applicant in his mind accomplishing the tasks for a particular position.

He could see the applicant fulfilling the tasks and explained to the applicant as he was interviewing them for that position because of their personality trait or experience, he could see them being very successful in this particular position.

Do you see what George is doing right up front?  George is seeding for success. He is planting success-thoughts in the applicant’s mind so they can begin to see themselves performing the tasks and doing a good job.

Remember, thoughts become things. In this case, George’s thoughts about the applicant are allowing him to place the applicant in the right position for them, but also to provide the very best for his business. George can see this person accomplishing the tasks as he would and to the level of expertise that he would.

Your work environment and business will be improved if you will give the above some consideration. Think about the time and process to recruit and hire staff. Your efforts to develop and improve will go far; your world will change around you because you have changed.