Workamper NewsEditor’s note: This story was written by Workamper News. Since 1987, Workamper News has been helping businesses all around the U.S. find people for their jobs. This article features some of the tools Workamper News offers on its websites to help park owners find work campers. Some of them require a membership to Workamper News. 

In today’s world of audiences being inundated by so much media via so many methods and devices, it can be hard to stand out.  Just like advertising for normal customers, work camper employers need to utilize multiple avenues to share their value and get noticed.

Here are multiple ideas or avenues for you to consider to help you increase the number of applicants for your jobs. Many of the resources and options you will find when logged in at www.workamper.com.  Some are only available to our yearly Employer Gold members.

Review other help-wanted advertising in issues of Workamper News magazine or on the Hotline website page — especially for your same state — to compare your opportunities with others.

Use the following formula to determine the equivalent hourly wage. The value of a provided RV site (monthly or seasonal rate, not daily or weekly) including hookups and perks (if any) divided by the number of hours worked per month = equivalent hourly wage. At the very least, the equivalent hourly wage should equal or exceed the applicable minimum wage ($7.25 in most states, higher in some states). If it does not, wages should be added, or the hours reduced.

In most cases, Workamper News recommends a maximum of 15 hours per week in exchange for a full hookup site at a for-profit business. In some situations, additional hours may be justified by offering additional perks, light duties and/or an exceptional working/living environment.

Work campers at for-profit businesses should never be expected to “pay” more for their site than a long-term customer would be charged.

For help on writing your ad, check out some articles in our Article Index (button on your Dashboard) about work camper recruiting. We also have some ad examples and a link to a resource who can write your ads for you at www.workamper.com/help-wanted-ad-examples

Add a super-charged audio recording to your ad. FREE! You can make an audio recording of up to 10 minutes, providing more info like job duties, compensation, your staff/team, what’s unique or great about your area, what’s close by…etc.

You call a phone number, make the recording, and then we include a website URL in your ad that people go to, to listen to the recording. This will make for more educated applicants too.

Once you make an audio recording, we can include it with any future ads, you don’t have to redo it every time. Instructions for making the recording are in the ad submit process and in the left menu at www.workamper.com/employing/advertising

Create an online Employer Tour (ETour). This is a benefit of Gold membership. Login to Workamper.com to get to your Dashboard, then click on the Create/Edit Your Employer Tour button and create your tour.

The ETour is a chance for you to show off the living and working environment you provide. You can type in a brief description, upload a logo image, and then upload photos showing off your location and put captions with them.

When you run an online Hotline ad in the future, a link to your ETour will be included with your ad in the Hotline email that goes out to work campers. If you run an ad in the magazine, we will put a small icon of a pair of binoculars at the end of your ad showing work campers that you have a tour available for viewing.  Our work camper members can view your tour on the website too, whether you are advertising or not, just as long as you are a current Gold member.

Unlimited searches in the online Awesome Applicants Resume Database. You have access to the online database as an Employer Gold member. When you login to Workamper.com, click on the Resume Finder button on your Dashboard to view work camper resumes. Each resume includes the work camper’s contact info. You can do an advanced search where you can enter in multiple criteria.

Review Situations Wanted ads. Work campers run “work wanted” ads in each issue of Workamper News magazine. Find your paper copy or login to the website to review the online magazine – and click to the Classifieds section.  Employer Gold members can also view additional Situations Wanted ads when logged in to Workamper.com – just click on the Work Wanted Ads button.

Encourage your current or past work campers to share their input on their experience with you. Perhaps you work this request into the exit interview that you do with your work campers at the end of your season.

Work campers who had a positive experience can award a star in Praise Your Employer*. They can also make a post in our Workamper Experiences tool* about their experience. (*The work camper will need to be a Diamond or Platinum level member. If your work camper is not a member but wants to share their experience, they can email to [email protected] and we will review it and post it under your account if it’s approved.)

Have them post to your Google page, Yelp page, TripAdvisor or Facebook page.

Expand your advertising to other internet platforms. Create or claim your business page on Facebook – post job listings there.

Post on Craigslist.com. Post in Workamping-related Facebook groups that allow job postings. Create a page on your existing website giving all of the details on your work camper opportunities.

Offer a referral program to your current and past work campers. If a current work camper of yours brings in an applicant, give them some kind of payout or thank-you gift. If the work camper brings in a recruit that you actually hire, give them some kind of payout/gift. If your work camper brings in a recruit that you hire and lasts the whole season, give them some kind of payout/gift. You could try one or all of those methods.

Just to review – our two main avenues for sharing your work camper opportunities to our database of work campers is via our online Hotline system and via our bi-monthly magazine.

The Hotline provides immediate exposure that’s more short-term. The magazine provides longer and more wide-spread exposure as all members receive the magazine (either in print or online in our archive for years to come). Many employers that recruit for the summer advertise their upcoming positions in the Nov/Dec, Jan/Feb, and Mar/Apr issues.

Create a multi-part strategy to implement yearly or year-round to help develop a consistent stream of applicants.