Les Mullen sets up his tent in preparation for his first winter camping experience during a winter camping workshop held at the Living Skies Retreat Centre in the Lumsden Valley.

Lamarr Oksasikewiyin’s biggest fear going into a two-day winter camping workshop was the possibility of having to go to the washroom in the middle of the night with temperatures dipping into the minus 20s with wind chill.

Despite the inevitable, he and his camping buddy Jenny Gardipy were all laughs and smiles. Eager to learn, they arrived an hour early to set up their tent, according to Regina Leader-Post.

“We can’t control the temperature,” said Oksasikewiyin. “We can control our attitude towards it, though.”

A teacher of land-based learning at Chief Little Pine School in Saskatchewan, Oksasikewiyin was inspired to learn about winter camping so he can set up a winter camp for his students back home.

“A lot of young people have lost connection to their culture and we feel that once you’re going onto the land itself, they’ll reconnect,” he said.

Hosted by SaskOutdoors, the event brought out people passionate about not letting winter get in the way of living.

“It’s winter six months of the year so you might as well enjoy it, right?” said participant Carmen Clark, who’s had winter camping on her bucket list for years.

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