The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) will hold a series of concurrent workshops on Jan. 18 at the 2nd World RV Conference, covering several topics of key interest to RV industry executives from across the globe. The 2nd World RV Conference will take place from Jan. 17 – 20, 2013, in Tampa, Fla.

According to a press release, the 50-minute sessions will take place every hour from 2–5 p.m., except for the World Product Standards workshop that will run the bulk of the three-hour time period. Conference attendees can choose which three sessions to attend based on their specific interest. The lineup of sessions includes:

The World Product Standards Workshop: This session will focus on developing a list of standards information from the U.S. and Europe for attendees interested in the export of RVs/caravans to each country. It will include information relating to both the RV living section and vehicle (chassis) standards.

The Advertising and Promotion Workshop: This workshop will provide a broad overview of how the popular Go RVing effort in North America is funded and managed while also examining campaign specifics such as creative executions, strategic media planning, audience segmentation, emerging digital and social media applications, media and brand partnerships and media relations.

The World Campground Standards Workshop: In this workshop, a panel of international campground operators and industry professionals will discuss what marketing messages are used to attract and retain consumers and keep the camping/RVing experience “top of mind” in today’s competitive leisure travel market.

• The RV/Caravan Rental Business: This workshop will give attendees an opportunity to learn from colleagues around the world how an RV rental business might run more efficiently, be better advertised and promoted, be more consumer friendly and provide information on how to start an RV/caravan rental operation.

The RV/Caravan CEO-Chairman Panel Discussion: This panel discussion, featuring the world’s top RV/caravan CEO’s, presidents, and chairmen, is designed to open the doors of the board room and give everyone a seat at the table. RVIA President Richard Coon will lead this unique panel with a number of association leaders rotated in as the workshop sessions progress through the afternoon.

The Newest Emerging RV/Caravan Markets: After London, the next two Olympics will be held in Russia and Brazil respectively. Throw in a World Cup, sizable populations, lots of territory and a growing middle class and you have a recipe for an emerging RV/caravan market. Come learn about how the Russian and Brazilian RV markets are developing and see and hear what opportunities exist for these markets going forward.

More information on the workshops as well as complete event and registration information is available through the digital 2nd World RV Conference brochure. Industry members are urged to register before Oct. 1 to take advantage of discounted registration fees. The cost will increase after Oct. 1.