A Washington, D.C. resident wrote into a Delaware newspaper to voice opposition to a proposed campground/RV park near the letter writer’s vacation home in Delaware.

In the Cape Gazette of Lewes, Del., Jay Treadwell wrote, “We have a house on Railroad Avenue in Lewes and though it is only a few days before the holidays, one ‘gift’ we don’t want is the Lingo developer’s dream of an RV park at Love Creek.

“The whole idea is unnecessary and disruptive to even think about. The developer paid for the traffic study. That same type of thing happened where we live in the Friendship Heights area of Chevy Chase/ Washington D.C. It was a disaster with preferential findings, naturally in favor of the developer,” Treadwell wrote.

“We do not need another RV site since there are already 4,000 spaces available for RVs in the area. This plan does not dovetail in any way with the county comprehensive plan, not to mention the environmental impact of having 628 RV pads and cabins as part of the site.”

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