Suzanne Anderson of Duncan, British Columbia, argued in a letter posted by newspaper site Canada.com, that a city limiting RV stays to four weeks is mistaken in imposing that limit.

“The Municipality of North Cowichan is being short sighted with their policy of not allowing campgrounds to have visitors stay longer than 28 days. Tourism Cowichan is out there trying to attract visitors and the municipality is turning them away.

“The people who want to stay in RV parks for more than 28 days are RVers. Many live full time in their RV and they tend to move around North America with the seasons. The RV parks in all other Vancouver Island communities are welcoming RVers to spend the winter with them and North Cowichan is making it impossible for our local RV parks to be part of that trend,” she wrote.

She also wrote, “RVing is a large and lucrative market. RVers tend to have a decent available income and many become involved as volunteers in communities where they spend their winters. Of course, there are also Americans from the hot southern states who are looking for a place to spend their summers. Again, the 28-day policy does nothing to make them welcome.

“The municipality needs to rethink this bylaw. It probably came about due to ignorance of the RV lifestyle. Perhaps a tour of these parks would convince the council that they should support RV parks and their guests rather than put up road blocks.”

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