A letter published in the Cape Gazette of Lewes, Del., bore strong opposition to plans for developing private RV parks, instead claiming state sites should meets the needs of tourists to the Delaware Cape region.

The writer said, in part:

In 2013, Long Neck Road residents had an unpleasant realization with the rezoning of 160 manufactured home sites to 320 RV sites at Rehoboth Shores Manufactured Home Park.

Next came the proposal to rezone a large parcel of land at the end of Long Neck Road to an R/V park – this would eliminate Massey’s Landing Mobile Home Park. This would have been catastrophic to approximately 90 lessees whom have invested heavily in their homes, left with the only choice but to take the few relocation dollars offered by the Mobile Home Relocation Program and watch as the land owners destroy their homes.

As a result of meetings between residents and the county council, the land owners resubmitted a plan eliminating the destruction of Massey’s Landing, hopefully with the realization of the catastrophic effects this would have been to their tenants. However, this new plan would rezone all of their remaining lands to RV sites.

The added traffic created would be not just cars but RVs pulling boats or cars, keeping in mind that Long Neck Road is also the only evacuation route, can you imagine moving 300 RVs in an emergency situation with present traffic.

The proposal to build a 600-RV site along Love Creek is also a bad idea, with the present traffic problems on Route 1, Route 24 and Route 9 and Plantation Road, RVs pulling cars or boats will make traveling these roads more difficult. The residents of the Plantations are against this plan and rightly so.

With the state spending 10 million at the Indian River Inlet, 300 RV sites will be available with utility hookups, showers, laundromat, and providing a shuttle service to Rehoboth Beach, maybe the need for more RV sites will be filled, especially with the 320 approved and 150 existing RV sites on Long Neck Road. The Indian River Inlet and state beach park is where RVs need to be — not 20 or 30 miles away from the attractions that brought them here to vacation with their families in the Rehoboth Beach area.

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