Scott and Kimberley Hamilton in South Haven, Mich. The couple lives in a 30-foot Airstream Flying Cloud, from which Mr. Hamilton works full time. (Photo: Max Thomsen for the Wall Street Journal)

Scott Hamilton has the perfect work-from-home setup: an expansive desk area with room for a full-size monitor, keyboard and printer, filing space, a comfortable chair and reliable connectivity, including Starlink satellite-internet service and a separate Insty Connect router and cell-based modem as backup, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

Hamilton, 66, a business consultant, can also prepare meals, shower and sleep six in his office, which is located in a 30-foot Airstream Flying Cloud that he pulls with a Ford F-250 pickup truck. He paid $118,000 for the Airstream.

Despite the fact that many companies are now mandating the return of remote employees to the office, remote working remains popular. A June 2022 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 48% of workers surveyed will “definitely” seek a remote position for their next job, and a March 2022 survey by Robert Half found that return-to-office plans may lead to resignations, with half of the survey respondents currently working from home saying they would look for a new job if their company required them to return to the office full time.

According to the RV Industry Association, a trade group, about 400,000 RV owners live full-time in their rigs. A May 2022 survey conducted by the RVIA found that 54% of RVers had worked remotely while traveling during the eight months prior to the survey.

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