Marilyn and Jim Godfrey, owners of the Rawlins KOA in Wyoming, are waiting until the wind lets up for a bit to put up their brand new sign.

As reported by the Rawlins Daily Times, the campground was approved for Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA) Journey status on Aug. 24 and the Godfreys will be redoing their branding and marketing.

Marilyn Godfrey said KOA had recently introduced three camping segmentations: Resort, Holiday and Journey.

KOA Resorts are the most luxurious and are commonly located in large tourist volume areas. For example, Godfrey said there is one in Las Vegas. KOA Holidays are smaller with fewer amenities – often located near national parks.

Godfrey believed that her campground was most suited for Journey status. “The customer is assured of an easy in, easy out,” she said. “There are clean restrooms, hot water and an off-leash pet area.”

Most KOA Journey campgrounds are easily accessible from a highway.

“We could have stayed as KOA but we went with Journey because we felt that its good for marketing and setting customers’ expectations before they get here,” she said.

Godfrey said the campground pretty much meets all the requirements for Journey status. They did have to add a splash pad for kids and do plan to add electricity to the tent site.

With a large portion of their clientele being cross-country bicyclists, Godfrey said they plan to keep the campground as Journey in the future.

“We have to make some significant changes to get to Holiday,” she said.

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