Mountain River Ranch

Photo was taken from MountainRiverRanch.com

Hazardous conditions and the forced closure of Yellowstone National Park have left many people with nowhere to go, according to East Idaho News.

Numerous homes and other buildings have been destroyed in the wake of massive flooding. The extent of the damage is yet to be determined.

It’s also unclear how many visitors are stranded or have been forced to leave the park and how many people who live outside the park have been rescued and evacuated.

But Trent Tyler, who owns Mountain River Ranch in Ririe, Idaho, says he’s gotten between 10 and 15 RV bookings in the last 24 hours from people impacted by the Yellowstone disaster.

“I started getting calls yesterday (Monday). Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce reached out to us as well. We contacted the Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce (to learn how many people are affected). They’re inundated (with calls right now),” Tyler says.

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