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The sweltering, triple-digit heat has many seeking the comforts of air conditioning, but the extreme conditions are not stopping some families from camping out this week near Sioux Falls, S.D.

Despite the heat, campgrounds around Sioux Falls are still filling up fast for the Fourth of July.

Even though temperatures outside just keep climbing, campgrounds like Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resort continue to bustle with campers, doing all they can to keep cool.

“We pack lots of water, we’re fortunate to have the pool here and we’re just doing the best we can,” said Todd Aumann of Chicago.

Aumann and his family are traveling to Mount Rushmore in an RV all the way from Chicago, but they’re not letting the heat stand in their way of having a good time.

“If it’s really hot, I just go inside and sit in the air conditioning,” said Todd’s daughter, Erma.

For campers throughout the state, staying hydrated this week will be crucial and here at Jellystone, they’ve got tons of water activities planned and they expect the pool to be packed.

“Staff, we just rotate more breaks, gibe them a lot of water every now and again. The other thing is guest safety so we have a lot of ice water available. We do some more water-based games than we normally do,” said Jellystone park manager, Ray Aljets.

The park is already packed full of RVs. Most have air conditioning, but the tenters will have a tougher time finding relief.

“The tenters are where you worry, but they seem to be a hearty bunch and they just find a nice spot of shade and hope for a little breeze and they just keep going,” said Aljets

So as the Fourth of July gets closer and the parks start to fill up, it’ll looks like it’ll take a bit more creativity and a whole lot of water to enjoy the outdoors.

Despite the hot temperatuers, Jellystone officials say they haven’t seen any heat-related cancellations. There are a few camping reservations up for grabs. There are still a few camping reservations up for grabs.