Amy and Jerry Anderson don’t wait until school gets out before they start their summer camping season with their two boys.

The Roseville, Mich., family starts their camping season on Mother’s Day weekend at the Jellystone Park Camp-Resort in Fremont, Ind.

“I love the recreation staff and the activities that they have for the children,” Amy Anderson says.

Mother’s Day weekend activities include arts and crafts, in which the kids prepare a gift for Mom, a pancake breakfast served on Sunday morning by the kids, with a little help from the Jellystone Park staff, and a “Mom’s Only” gathering by the pool.

“It’s just a wonderful way to spend time with family,” Anderson says, adding that all the moms get roses with their pancake breakfasts.

The Fremont Jellystone is one of many in the 75-unit family campground chain whose weekend events include special Mother’s Day and Father’s Day activities.

The Jellystone in Horn Lake, Miss., for example, has a Mother’s Day tea party and scavenger hunts for Father’s Day as well as scary stories around the campfire, while the Jellystone Park in Burleson, Texas offers mom masages on her special day, courtesy of a certified massage therapist.

But while it’s hard to beat the sentimental feeling of a Mother’s Day celebration with the kids, Anderson admits her kids can’t wait until Father’s Day, when Jellystone Park in Fremont has its annual Miss Jellystone Park contest, in which the dads dress up as beauty queens.

“Getting to put makeup on Dad is fun,” Anderson said, adding that her sister, two of her aunts and her mother often join her on Mother’s and Father’s Day weekends at the campground.