When many think of camping, they don’t usually think of coffee pots or air conditioning, but as it turns to fall, many campers are looking to camp luxuriously.

FOX Carolina reported that “glamping” is becoming a very popular way to travel, allowing people to get into the outdoors without losing the comforts of home or a hotel.

Some find camping in a basic, two-person tent ideal while others find the whole process frustrating, so they are turning to a new, more comfortable outdoor shelter – a yurt.

“You’re surrounded in the woods in our cabins, but you’re one step away from a hotel room, in my opinion, and the yurts really give you the outdoor experience,” said Ande Rappaport, who manages Campfire Lodgings Campground in Asheville, N.C.

The idea for yurts came from ancient Mongolia where they were nomadic shelters, made with wood and canvas. They’re easy to put up and break down, and its circular shape lends for a wider space inside. Yurts are energy efficient and with less wind resistance than a rectangular building, making them durable.

The yurts at Rappaport’s campground include amenities like overhead and lamp lighting, modern furniture, a mini-kitchen with microwave, coffee pot and refrigerator.

There is also air conditiong and heating, and indoor plumbing.

“On the decks we have gas grills, picnic tables, you could theoretically bring food, clothes, and just stay here which a lot of people do,” said Rappaport. “They don’t go anywhere.”

While “glamping” might not be for all campers, it offers many people the opportunity to enjoy nature without feeling the bugs.

“This is the kind of camping my mom would be OK with,” said Rappaport.

Rappaport said the Asheville campground’s yurts are more popular than ever before, with people booking five nights in a row. Rappaport said that was unheard of last year.