A Zamp Solar Obsidian Series Portable Solar Kit. (Photo credit: Zamp Solar)

After years of research, engineering, designing, and crafting, Zamp Solar is offering a new, innovative OBSIDIAN Series Portable Line, according to a press release from the company.

The Obsidian Series Portable Line comes in a wide range of customizable kits to meet any solar needs ranging from 45-Watts to 200-Watts. “It’s a snap to easily add multiple units together to scale your off-grid power needs,” the press release states.

Obsidian Series Portable Kits feature patented low-profile Obsidian solar panels to provide the ultimate flexibility and durability in mobile and off-grid solar charging. Obsidian Series Portable Kits are 50% slimmer than Zamp’s  Legacy Series Portable Kits, set up faster, are far simpler and are built for life. The low profile design is perfect for tight storage spaces and offers ultimate versatility for all of your solar needs. The Obsidian Series Portable Kits also feature an integrated, tactical carry case that doubles as a quick-deploy adjustable stand. The slim anodized aluminum carry handle makes handling a breeze. The kits also utilize a built-in storage pocket to hold all the necessities and the case lays flat to maximize storage potential.

“These ‘Made in USA’ panels are handcrafted in Bend, Ore., using premium materials and precision manufacturing techniques to meet your off-grid power needs and will exceed your expectations,” the release states.