A zoning change for a 15-acre site that would allow a high-end RV park next to the Sunset Greens subdivision was unanimously approved by the Mesquite (Nev.) City Council at its Tuesday (Oct. 8) meeting, according to the Mesquite Local News.

While there was some opposition to the change voiced by several nearby homeowners, there was more support for it based on applause from those who attended the meeting when Councilman George Rapson threw up his hands and said, “I don’t understand why there is any opposition to this. I’m voting for this. Just so you know.”

The site is currently zoned for “General Commercial (CR-2)” for retail, office, and service type uses with surrounding land closer to the new MacDonald’s restaurant zoned as “Hotel Tourist” for resort hotels and related uses. The land is owned by the Hafen family and will be leased to the developer and not sold.

According to city documents, “The proposed new zoning would allow for an RV park development, meaning an area or tract of land where lots are rented or held out for rent to accommodate an RV overnight or for less than three months.

“This will be a good transitional use between low density residential properties and higher intensity commercial properties to the north,” continued city documents. “The densities of the conceptual RV park plan and Sunset Greens are comparable – Sunset Greens is 6.35 units per acre and the RV concept shows 7.84 RVs per acre.”

Tentative plans call for 132-sites, two swimming pools, four hot tubs, four pickle ball courts, other upscale amenities, and two clubhouses, one on each end of the park. The pads will be 60-70 feet long and approximately 27 feet wide.

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