Team Outsider | LinkedInTeam Outsider, a hospitality company based in Bozeman, Mont., that owns and operates campgrounds and RV parks nationwide, is excited to announce a new benefit for its team members. After one year on the team, Team Outsider team members will be eligible to stay for free with their friends and family at any Team Outsider-owned campground for a week, according to a press release.

“Our first core value is ‘we put our team first’ because our team is the heart and soul of our company, and it is our strong desire that everyone on our team enjoys the same level of exceptional hospitality that we deliver to our guests,” said Kathryn Perkins, director of operations and culture at Team Outsider. “We are thrilled to offer this amazing benefit, along with others in our suite of benefits, to encourage our team members to explore new places and to make unforgettable memories with their loved ones.”

To learn more about Team Outsider or to view available positions, visit https://www.teamoutsider.com/team